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When you become Irish - you become family. 

Saint Patrick School is a community filled with remarkable students - and parents.


One of the many ways Saint Patrick School is different from others is the role parents take in their child’s education, activities and spiritual development. 


Opportunities for families include Saint Patrick Parent Club, Irish Boosters, Scouts, and more. 

Being Irish lasts longer than just a student’s time in elementary and middle school, it carries through a lifetime. Many of Saint Patrick School parents are alums - including some of the current teaching staff. 

When you become Irish - you’re forever Irish.

God understands our prayers, even when we can't find the words to say them.

St. Patrick Student

What People Say
student and teacher

Saint Patrick School is a family.  They are committed to educating the whole child and partner with families to do that.

group hug

I love how my entire family is included in things, from my youngest helping with volunteering, to my oldest being remembered when he comes back.


The close community- there’s nothing like it. You become family with everyone, you take care of each other and your faith deepens because you see how it draws people together and keeps them close long after they leave.

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