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Safe Parish


The Archdiocese of Indianapolis utilizes Safe Parish as part of its ongoing commitment to the care and protection of children.


All priests, deacons, employees of parishes, schools, and agencies of the archdiocese, and volunteers who have contact with children are required to complete the training prior to their first day of employment, service or ministry, even if they have taken Virtus, Safe & Sacred, or other child protection programs at another Diocese or Archdiocese. All volunteers (parents, grandparents, friends, etc.) must complete Safe Parish including the background check before they will be allowed to work with students, participate in classroom activities, or attend field trips.  The course takes about 55 minutes to complete including a background check and video training.


There are 3 areas of Safe Environment Training that all volunteers must complete:

  • Safe Parish online training

    This program is designed to increase one's awareness of and recognition of the signs of child physical abuse, child sexual abuse, child emotional abuse, and child neglect. It also provides information on reporting procedures and requirements.

  • Background Check

  • This is required to screen known sex offenders from participating in ministries with children and to determine any potential risks or limitations for specific volunteer position

  • Code of Conduct Form
    This form describes the conduct expectations for all people (employees & volunteers) ministering within the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, especially those working with children.


Training is valid for 5 years at which time you will be required to re-certify in order to continue your status in the Archdiocese.


The course is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at


Register using Passcode: Archindy2021


Safe Environment Training Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
General FAQ

Q: How does the Archdiocese of Indianapolis complete Safe Environment Training?
A: The Archdiocese of Indianapolis uses Safe Parish to provide training to employees and

Q: How can I access Safe Parish Training?

Q: Is there a guide for employees, volunteers, and Safe Environment Coordinators (SEC) to use in
completing the training?

A: Yes. All SEC will have guides, which can be provided to employees and volunteers. Guides are
also accessible at

Q: Can the training be completed on a mobile device?
A: You can access the site through a mobile device or tablet.

Q: What languages can the training be completed in?
A: English and Spanish

Q: How long will the training take to complete?
A: The registration and training should take about 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

Q: Who do employees and volunteers contact if they have questions regarding the training?
A: On the main Safe Parish page, select Support in the menu. Fill out the online form and
customer service will respond to their inquiry.

Q: How often will the training expire?
A: Training will expire every five years.

Q: Is the code of conduct in the training?
A: Yes, all participants will agree to the code of conduct after registration.

Q: Is there a background check included as part of Safe Parish?
A: Yes, the background check portal is embedded in Safe Parish. Barada is the background check

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