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Support Our Students

You can  help the SPS community by donating to the Indiana State Tax Credit Scholarship Fund. This scholarship fund helps SPS provide a high quality, Catholic education to children in our community who may not otherwise have the opportunity due to financial constraints.

(Highlight "Saint Patrick School - Terre Haute" in the Select School section on the online form.)

Help Saint Patrick School make a difference in the lives of our students.

 I grew up Catholic but my family did not have the means to put my siblings and I through Catholic school. I knew I wanted my children to attend Saint Pats from the time I was young. My husband and I have made so many sacrifices over the years to keep our kids enrolled, and we wouldn’t change a thing!


I was talking to a friend about how my son was being bullied in public school, and she told me about Saint Pats.

I didn’t think I could afford it, but she explained how the scholarship worked. It has truly changed the course of how my son learns. And how he succeeds.


My children have struggled with having their father absent most of their lives. I wanted to help fill that void with their heavenly father and to have a school set a better example than they might have seen. So I placed them at St. Patrick's, and it has been such an amazing experience.   St. Pats has fulfilled all of my expectations and then some.

Sign me up!

This year alone, the Indiana’s State Tax Credit Scholarship Fund allowed SPS to provide 30 students with tuition assistance.

Details about the Indiana State Tax Credit Scholarship Fund (including the 50% state tax credit to donors) are available at

​You can both make a donation and designate Saint Patrick School as the recipient of those funds by clicking the button below.

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