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Indiana Choice
Scholarship Voucher

For the 2023-2024 school year, MANY of our families may qualify!

There are two components to determining eligibility for a voucher.

  1. Student eligibility criteria

  2. Household income limits

If a family meets both criteria, the parents may designate that the state public funding assigned to their child will follow their child to an accredited non-public school.

For more information regarding school vouchers see the DOE guidelines at

To qualify, your student must:

  •  Live in Indiana

  •  Be at least age 5 by October 1 and enrolled in kindergarten

  •  Live in a household with an income limit no more than 400% of the Reduced Lunch Eligibility

If you qualify, the Choice Scholarship covers the majority of tuition!


If you did not qualify under income limits for a Choice Scholarship in the past, but now under the new income limits DO qualify, we can help you!

Contact the school for more information!

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