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The School Commission is the governing body of the school, comprised of members from parishes within the Deanery. 


The School Commission has three main functions:


  1. Sets the budget for the school 

  2. Sets policy for the school

  3. Provides support and feedback to the school administration 

The school commission meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in

the school library. Meetings are open to stakeholders.  


The 2022-23 School Commission Members:

Terri Conley – St. Benedict Parish


Beth Burkle – Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish


Stefanie Hellmann – St. Benedict Parish

Jessica Livingston – St. Margaret Mary Parish

Jennifer Dinkel-St. Patrick Parish

Keri Yousif-St. Joseph Parish

David Will-St. Patrick Parish

Non-voting members include:

Emily Schuler – School Principal

Dallas Wright – Assistant Principal

The Host Pastor of St. Patrick School of the Terre Haute Deanery is Fr. Bob Showers.

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