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Indiana Choice
Scholarship Voucher

There are two components to determining eligibility for a voucher.

  1. Student eligibility criteria

  2. Household income limits

If a family meets both criteria, the parents may designate that the state public funding assigned to their child will follow their child to an accredited non-public school.

Depending on income levels, there are three levels of Choice Scholarships.  Some people refer to Choice Scholarships as "vouchers."

For more information regarding school vouchers see the DOE guidelines at

200% FPL eligibility path
income Guidelines

If you fall into the yellow or green highlighted boxes in the income table, and can check off one of the boxes in the Eligibility track, you may qualify for a Choice Scholarship! 

There are three different amounts of scholarship - 90%, 70%, and 50%.  

For 2020:, different levels produce scholarship amounts as follows:

  • 50% level provided a scholarship of approximately $3,264 

  • 70% level provided a scholarship of approximately $4,570

  • 90% level provided a scholarship of approximately $4,875

If you are an Active Deanery Steward, the 50% scholarship covers most of tuition!

If you do not qualify for a Choice Scholarship, you may still qualify for financial aid.  

If you were in the "green" column of the income table above, you may qualify for a SGO Scholarship. 


Contact the school for more information!

150% FRL eligibility
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